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Team Joseph SoMo

dopeebeautyswag Asked:
going to the October 23rd show & I got VIP Meet & Greet tickets 😍😍😍

My answer:

I WILL BE THERE TOO!!!! I’m always pumped for NYC! He shuts it down every time!!!

@OfficialSoMo: Lovin’ life.

@OfficialSoMo: Received my plaque for “Ride” selling over 500,000 singles! Not a bad birthday present at all..

Hey Ya’ll! I made this back in April when I saw SoMo for the first time. I totally forgot about the video and I just stumbled across it again, and I must say I got a little emotional! -Keylee (:

requested by anon

Anonymous Asked:
Can you like upload the song please don't judge me by somo please

My answer:

Oh of course!

Anonymous Asked:
Can you do don't judge me by him please

My answer:

Not really sure what your asking exactly?

Been a fan of Joseph's for years now. Yes I met him in NYC on tour. Submissions are more than welcome! I Reblog anything Joseph related.

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